Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I Know It's Fall

I woke up to an outside temperature of 49F this morning and now, 2 hours later, it's only climbed 3 degrees so I know it's fall. I realize that in most places in the world, October 1 really is Autumn, but here in the mid-south, we are usually still having late-spring type weather.

My personal fall indicator is not wanting to emerge from my warm cocoon on a cool morning. My first thought is, "Do I have to get up." My second is, "Oh shit, yes, I DO have to, damn it." My third thought is, "What can I do to avoid this?" Then knowing that none of that stuff is going to do anything to delay the feel of cool/cold air on my delicate, bare parts, I drag myself up from my intimate snuggle with the blankets and pillows and bravely face the day.

Why, oh why is life so cruel?

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