Saturday, March 22, 2003

Yesterday was so busy and full of disappointment that I didn't even log on other than for a few minutes in the early morning. I took Zach to school and then drove up to Forrest City to check for IRS acknowledgements at the office (this took a full 10 minutes), then I drove to another small town about 20 miles further north to take my truck to the shop. I had noticed on one of the warmer days that my climate control would not change off of the heat setting. That is not a good thing in Arkansas where spring, summer and fall days can mean 100% humidity and 100+ temperatures. My husband had made the remark that I should look at the new trucks while I was at the Ford place, and see what they'd give me as a trade-in for my truck, so while they were checking out my climate control and doing the repairs, I wandered around the lot with a salesman and found two trucks that I had a great interest in.

The first one was a 2002 model with extremely low miles, dark green in color with a beige strip along the bottom, a stepside, extended cab, loaded with all the goodies a southern lady would desire. BUT, I fell in love with a red 2003 F150 extended cab with a beige strip along the bottom. It had the Tritan V8 engine that was the same as the truck I'm currently driving and all the bells and whistles and I want THAT truck sooooo BAD!! I was very excited when I called hubby from my cell while dickering with the salesman. I'd gotten him to come off the sticker price by $2000 and with rebate had gotten the truck down to what I thought was a reasonable price. They were giving me what I thought my truck was worth as a trade-in also so I really had it in mind that I was going to drive THAT truck home. WRONG!!

He was not pleased with the price of the truck. End of story ( other than the fact that I now feel that he lied to me and if I don't get that truck, he's going to be a cold and lonely man in the future!!!)

OH, and I forgot, the problem with the climate control? A fuse!! $205.00 to change a blown FUSE that hubby had previously checked before sending me to get repairs made. How fucking blonde is THAT?

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