Saturday, March 22, 2003

Children and nursing,,,hmmmm. What can I say but I've been there and done that. While reading Kat's blog I gave a little thought to the past again.

I nursed 2 of my 3 children in order to allow my body to return to, what my doctor described as, the normal state of things. The babies thrived on it, but it took a lot of contriving and planning on my part to nourish my children in this way. In the 70's it was not an especially common thing for one to expose a nipple out in public and offer it to a greedy, wiggling, crying bundle. I managed with blankets, front buttoning shirts, and those dreadful nursing bras and by finding as private a spot as I could to do it. Needless to say, I stayed at home a LOT!! It's easy enough to feed your child while visiting with family when you're bottle feeding, but try it when you are nursing and you end up with the entire room focusing on that slurping noise coming out from under the blankie that you have draped over a shoulder to hide the action. Mind you, I'm not ashamed of my melons, but when a hungry mouth (at some point with TEETH) is sucking greedily upon those melons, one finds it most difficult to feel attractive.

When my daughters asked me about nursing I told them it was the natural thing to do because, hell, that's the actual purpose of your tits, right? BUT, I also shared with them the experiences I'd had and told them to think long and hard about their choices because nursing would definately be an unwanted attention grabber.

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