Saturday, March 08, 2003

Hey, Hey! Been a lot busier today, had em waitin in line to pay Uncle Sam there for a while, but I'm taking a few to log on here and post a few words before that long drive home. I reckon I'm probably going to be grounded once I get there though. I was doing my Zone thing whilst cruising into work this morning with my old Vanilla Ice music bumpin on the player when I passed this car. He let me get a good ways in front of him before he turned on the flashing lights. Is it legal in America to have state troopers driving unmarked cars these days? However, I listened to a lecture from a punk-assed kid in uniform and I must have looked attentive and respectful enough because he just gave me a warning. But wait, I won't have to tell himself about that will I? Does a warning show up on an insurance report?

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