Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I've been to the hair salon this morning to get this mop of mine tamed a bit and after 2 hours of sitting in this chair or that I treated myself to Kung Pao Chicken at the August Moon Chinese/American restaurant in West Helena for lunch. This is one of the little gathering places for men to have a fast, fill-em-up, lunch when they only have a short time off work for lunch. In the main dining area is what I call a "gather round" table, where all the old fogies and their mid-aged-soon-to-be old fogies sit and discuss the problems of the world. Today, while having my lunch at a little table nearby I took notice of their main topic of the day which of course was the pending war with Iraq. As I studied their faces I noticed the glimmer in every eye as they discussed the atrocities of Saddam and his army of terrorists, and their faces were alight at the thought of how America was going to get in there and "kick ass". The excitment was electric amongst them as they argued about how many hours were left in the countdown. One old guy was shoveling food into his mouth as he asked another if he'd seen the news report about how Saddam had removed the eyes of women for disagreeing with him. As I sat there I realized that I was seeing the same look, the same excitment and anticipation as I'd seen on the faces of hunters over the years. I wanted to tell them,,"hey, these aren't deer, or rabbits, or quail, these are living, breathing, people!" I don't understand any of this,,,,,but then, I'm not a hunter.

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