Sunday, March 23, 2003

AaaaaaaaEEeeeeee I'm tired today! But the shed's all cleared out and tidy, I've made a start on getting a filing system up and going after a year of clutter in my little home office, and I'm making a little dent in the laundry (they seem to make more than I can get done!). The weather was perfect today with temperatures in the mid 70's and the sun out all day. The patio furniture is all shiny and clean and on the deck ( where we sat for a bit this afternoon and had coffee with visitors.) Our neighbor went fishing this morning and brought home crappie that we cleaned and had for supper with some steak fries, hush puppies and raw veggies. It was a good day. Now, if this war busness were over things would be right with the world and our sleep would be so sweet. I'll be tied down with a 6 yr old on Spring break this coming week...ya'll pray for me!!!

Oh yeah, I'm still not driving a red truck.

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