Saturday, March 29, 2003

On my drive in to work this morning I wasn't so much in my zone as usual so I happened to notice a lady walking beside the highway outside of a little town that I pass through. On most commutes I notice very little and I'm not quite sure at times how I actually get there, but this lady's attire caught my attention pretty quickly. She was dressed mostly in black, in a flowing sort of jacket type thing, wore full-cut pants, hair piled high with what looked to be extensions dangling down on each side of her face and through her nose was a stick that looked to be about the length of a chopstick.

I bet you are wondering how I would notice so much in passing. Well we don't get that many "fashion statements" down here in these parts and since I was creeping through a school zone (the small town cops are hell down here, Saturday or not), this scene pretty much jumped out and grabbed me. Now I'm wondering if a new tribe has moved into the area or if this is perhaps the local voodoo lady??

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