Monday, March 03, 2003

Whew!! I just finished printing my 2002 Tax return. The federal and state returns have about 75 pages each so I expect at the rate the IRS and the Department of Finance and Administration in Arkansas get things done, I may have a refund check by this time next year!! And YES,,,this year we are getting a refund! Of course it took losing every possession we owned practically in a house fire for this to occur and they are still keeping a good bit of change out of what we paid in. I told the hubby that all I want is his signature on the returns, cause THAT refund is MINE! I'm going to hoard it away into a savings account or something for rainy days. ( do think that I'm going to take a few dollars out of it and take Zach to see a beach this year, even if it's just down to Biloxi, Mississippi for a long weekend.) Now I've just got to pay the postage and mail these monster returns and I'm all set. Watch this be the year that those assholes audit me when every tiny scrap of a receipt and everything else went up in smoke!

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