Friday, March 14, 2003

I HAVE to buy another bed! I'm getting too danged old and cranky to be removing myself to the couch almost every night due to the noises coming from hubby's side of the bed that keep me from going to sleep. Murderous thoughts creep into my mind whilst lying there after an hour or so. I shake, kick, and prod him and have even resorted to yelling at him to pleasssseee stop. Often he will wake up then and tell me that he wasn't even asleep. I told him that if he's making those noises knowingly, then there is something drastically wrong and he should see a doctor immediately. Something has to be done. Maybe if I move to another room he'll decide that he really should see a doc cause if I don't get a good night's sleep soon, I am going to go insane!

Ok, enough of that....

All this talk of war is depressing the hell out of me. Even the Morning Crew on Rock103 was all gung-ho and patriotic this morning. This is annoying since I depend on them to at least get a smile out of me before I get to the office. I don't WANT to go to war. I didn't WANT to see thousands of people, who hadn't done a damn thing but go to work, die in the tragedy on 9/11. I don't WANT to have to worry about my drinking water or the air I breath. I don't LIKE paying $40.00 for a tank of gas that won't even last a week when I'm having to commute this far this time of the year. I don't LIKE not having a choice in my mode of transportation either since there are no buses or passenger trains in my part of the world to get me there any cheaper.
I just want to be left alone here, in my little spot in the delta, where you know your neighbors even if they do live a few miles down the road from you and it costs you a fortune to drive to see them.

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