Thursday, March 13, 2003

Delta Tourist Guide:
Gotta go to Graceland!! Elvis Presley's Mansion is a must see for anyone visiting the midsouth. 70's style shag carpet and ultra posh tastelessness in the abode but a vision which draws great crowds. I've taken visitors on several occasions and mope through the mansion just so I can get to the museums which are much more entertaining. (he sure had some neat cars!)

Next stop is Beal Street, one of the many homes of the blues. We'll stop in and have drinks at some of the cafes there and hope the live performers will be out and about.

On the drive home, we'll stop in Robinsonville in Tunica county Mississippi and have a go at a couple of the loose slot machines. It's an amazing sight to see all those hotels and casinos out in the middle of cotton and bean fields. Then 10 or 20 dollars poorer, we'll mosey on down Hwy 61 and cross the river to Helena.

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