Friday, March 14, 2003

The Tour Continues:

In Helena, Arkansas we will stop in at the Delta Cultural Center and learn a little bit about the history of the area in which I live. This is located in the old train depot. There are some great old photos of the way folks lived back in the time when Helena was a thriving river port. Then we'll take a stroll down Cherry Street and look in on all the antique and junk shops. For lunch we'll stop in to see Pat at the Cherry Street Deli which he's decorated with all the junk and antiques that's he's collected over the years. Almost every inch of the walls and ceiling are covered with his treasures. During lunch we can add our own little message on his wall so visitors in the future will know we've been there. Then a nice way to end the day would be a stroll along the levee and then take a drive down to the River Park where we can stand on the boardwalk amid the willows, oaks, maples and kudzu and gaze upon the Mighty Mississippi River. If it's nearing dusk and the mosquitos aren't carrying us away, we will see the glaringly colorful sign from the Isle of Capri Casino across the river before we head on over to West Helena and have dinner at El Caniveral.

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