Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Many, MANY, thanks to Carl for his kind patience in getting my comments section to work!! Now that we've got the ball rolling, I'm hoping to see COMMENTS sweet friends!

I've been in to read Kat's blog this morning and the smile on my face should last me through the day. I adore her stories about growing up in Winnipeg and her family. I could chat with her for days (and we hope to do that soon too!) but right now all we have is IM which we get around to when our schedules will allow us the time. Get your comments up and going Kat!!

I've been thinking of adventures to share with Kat while she is visiting me next year. Let me be pondering on it a bit and I'll be telling you of my ideas to introduce Kat to the ways of the south in future blogs. Got to head out to work now, ya'll have a wonderful day!!!

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