Wednesday, March 05, 2003

While reading Kat's blog, I had to agree with her about the nature sounds which are supposed to be relaxing for those who listen to them.
The only sound I really want when relaxing or trying to go to sleep is the sound of the ceiling fan. The music I listen to depends totally on the mood I'm in. One of my favorite music artists is John Anderson because of his variety and because there is absolutely nothing he sings that I don't like. I went to one of his concerts a few years ago and after a few trips to the bar I was Swinging right along with him! I was raised amid a family of musically talented folk and although I was not blessed with a smidgen of the talent, I sure did learn the love of music.
I believe it's the only thing I can truthfully thank my father for.

Family get-togethers never ended without a kin folk concert of singing accompanied by fiddles, guitars, banjos, and even drums occasionally. All of my father's sisters and brothers (all 11 of them) could sing and play and instrument or two, everyone was self-taught, and even those of us that were left out of the talent pool were moved to dance or clap or foot-stomp to the tunes. I'm not exaggerating by saying that a football field sized area was sometimes needed for these concerts/reunions, cause family members gathered from every corner of the US to attend. The talent pool also dribbled out cousins who were fortunate enough to get the music gene so over the years the band grew larger and larger. We also have some pretty musical funerals on that side of the family, no taped hymns, ever!!

Ok,,enough of my Wednesday trip down memory lane.

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