Tuesday, March 25, 2003

After a day of excitement with Zach which included trying to fly his kite (which he pronounces kike), watching Dexter on the Toon Disney channel, eating a dozen cool pops, and reading a few more pages of his Ghost Buster's book, the day wound down with a power outage just as I was in the midst of cooking dinner. To keep him from freaking out, we cuddled up on the loveseat where I hoped we would enjoy some quiet time. I had my eyes closed, enjoying the peace, when this little voice says, "Nanaw, we are not alone in here." This leads to a discussion about ghosts and monsters with myself insisting that there are none, and his equal insistance that "THERE ARE TOO!" Every few minutes he would go to the door and look out to see if his PopPop was coming in from work yet. During one trip he noticed the stars and wondered why they had power cause they were "lit Up". This led to another discussion about star light and electricity. So much for quiet time.

Zach and I are going to Little Rock today to do some shopping and will spend the night with my daughter and two granddaughters there. He needs new spring and summer things, I need a new pair of earth sandals. Wish us luck!!

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