Thursday, March 20, 2003

A cloudy, windy day here. I've been out and about this morning. I worked for awhile at one of the companies I do specialty work for, then bought a few groceries that were needed. My last stop on the way home was to fill up with gas and here is where I was nearly creamed by a little old dear in a huge ol Lincoln. She had pulled up to the gas pumps in a way that blocked all 4 of the pumps and I tried to be cautious and stayed back a bit to wait for her to finish her business instead of manuvering in there to get my gas. The attendant pumped $10.00 worth of gas for her and still she sat there going through her pocketbook for an additional 20 minutes. This little lady had oodles of room in which to pull out and be on her way,,but she backs up, comes forward,,comes forward,,COMES forward,,until I lost my nerve and backed up. She still nearly clipped me on the right as she pulled away.

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