Tuesday, March 04, 2003

What'd I do?.... What is it with men when it comes to relatively simple tasks? Hubby found a 4-wheeler at a bargain price, decided that he wanted it because the price was right! So, I tell him to get it and that I'd give him $1500 of my hoarded cash toward the purchase and he could go to the bank and borrow the balance, (It was his birthday for goodness sake) sounds simple
doesn't it? Well ohhh no, not for him.

If you are purchasing an ATV or any other object that you want to borrow the money in which to purchase said object you need a Bill of Sale, Title,,,something of that sort to show ownership, correct? Well this man (my hubby )comes home with a scrap piece of paper upon which the man (who works for a car dealership mind you) writes down a few basic facts about the ATV. Now my hubby knows that this guy has the ATV financed (with the same bank that we use actually), and he gives the guy a check for the full purchase price of the machine. This is fine right? We've got the money in the bank for the full amount, and he's going to the bank first thing Monday morning to arrange for his own financing so he won't be spending that which is needed for rainy days. But all is NOT fine, this guy is moving out of town, actually moved the very day that my husband gave him the check for the full purchase price of the ATV, and when he goes tripping down to the bank to set up his financing, he is informed that they can't loan money on a machine that is already financed (by them) and hasn't been paid off. Duhhh!!!!!!!! So, I've been on the phone this morning stopping payment on the check that
my husband so gratefully gave to this man for his new toy and hoping that by doing this, the man will take the proper steps to actually sell the toy LEGALLY. Since we have possession of the ATV, are we now guilty of grand theft? Shit,,,I knew better than to send him to the bank!!!!!!!!

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