Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Whew,,,It took awhile but I did it. I ordered myself a desk chair a few days ago and it arrived last evening. I unpacked it this morning and after reading through the directions (all 4 of them) I began to put it together. After using hands, feet, legs, arms and my shoulder, I finally gave it up for awhile. I couldn't hold the back in position to attach the arms and seat to it. So then I had a nice, calming chat with Kat, took a few deep breaths, had a left-over stuffed pepper, and went back to work on the chair. At last I got all the screws in the right holes after only unscrewing them about 3 times to turn things a different way. It looked like a chair, but after sitting in it and leaning back in it, I realized that the base thingy on the bottom of the seat was on backwards. I knew this had to be the problem since the back was ramrod straight and would not let me recline in the least. At this point, I unended the damned thing, took 3 screws out and loosened the last one, spun it around and began screwing again. And TRA LA!!! YEEE HAAAAWWW!! YIPPEEE!!! After only 4 hours of fiddling, straining and cursing I have a new office chair!!

Taking a bow now............

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