Saturday, March 01, 2003

I can not write it down again without sobbing my eyes out, so I'm gonna copy and paste the letter that I just sent to dear Kat.:
I just had a very bad moment. Zach and I baked a birthday cake for the
asshole (who is 51 today). I also was "swelling" some great northern beans
before putting them in the crockpot. Did not know I left the burner on low
(Martha fucking Stewart I ain't!). So I take the cake out to cool,,and where
do you think I put it?? 15 minutes later, BOOM,
CRASH,,,shatter,,,tinkle,,FUCK....yep. Blew that glass cake thingy all to
hell!! Glass and chocolate cake all over the kitchen, some into the dining
room and living room even. So,,asshole helped me by sweeping,,,I grab the
vaccum to catch any slivers,,(by the way, Chocolate cake stops up a vaccum),
and I'll still be finding glass for months I'm sure :-( I think I'm going
through the change, normal people don't DO this sort of shit on a regular
basis do they???


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