Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Zach's youngest little sister is Abie, aged 2. She's learning to talk and sounds just like a little magpie. The last few weeks we've been having some pretty intense conversations.

Nanny: "What's your name little girl?"
Abie: "Meri Katherine" (this is one of her sister's names)

Nanny: "No, No, your name is Abie." "Who are you?"
Abie: "Meri Katherine"

Nanny: " My name is Nanny. Your name is ?"
Abie: "Meri Katherine"

Finally, after about 2 weeks of this,,,,

Nanny: "What is your name?"
Abie: "Abie"

Nanny: "Yeaaa,,,GOOD GIRL!!"
" How old are you?"
Abie: "Meri Katherine"

Nanny: (under her breath) "ohshit, here we go again."

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