Monday, June 02, 2003

I'm gonna do this fast before I lose my nerve!

Country Home

A little shotgun house.
Fields all around.

An oak tree in the yard.
An old tire swing hanging down.

Clothes on the line.
A July breeze will make them dry.

Handsewn seersucker dresses.
As good as money could buy.

One old, red wagon,
It's seen better days.

Has given many hours.
The children had their play.

Old, tin pots of flowers.
The hot sun has tried to scorch.

Sheltered cool shadows.
An old splintery, unpainted porch.

Fence posts leaning crookedly.
Sentinals doing a job.

Keep cows in the pasture.
The corn stays on the cob.

No sound of horns or traffic.
Just the tiny dirt lane here.

Safe enough for kids to roam.
Bare feet will wander there.

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