Monday, June 30, 2003

On Adventuresome Urges.

I am quite sure that it's my age and the suspicion that I'd better cram a lot of "want tos" into the last half of my life that has made me much more adventuresome than I was during the first half of my life. Of course something about raising 3 kids does things to all of the urges that might try to raise their heads too (if they dared!). So it was in my 43rd year that I first smoked pot (and my last, I might add), my 44th year that I crewed for a hot-air balloonist and spotted for him while my daughter and my Soony (my Dutch kid) went up for their first flight, and my 45th year that I hopped my big ole ass up onto the wing of a crop duster and took my first ride in the jumpseat to take some wonderful photos! Now, if they'd only let me take a ride on that space shuttle,, I'd die with a smile!!

A photo of our old house that I took from the crop duster

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