Monday, June 09, 2003

I decided a few months ago that I wasn't going to just sit around this summer and wait until hubby had time to go away for a few days. It's been years since we took a little trip so I got online yesterday and booked a room at the Gulf Beach Resort in Biloxi, MS. I'd have preferred to stay in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area of Alabama, but the beaches there aren't as kid friendly ( Zach is going this year). The hotel is just across the street from the gulf so for a few days, the last week in July, I'm going to breath humid, salty air and lie on the beach. If James can break away from the farm to go with us, fine. If he can't, it's still fine. I have also invited Zach's sometimes babysitter to go with us because I don't care much for swimming with the fishes and I know how that child loves the water. Cheryl will keep him safe and entertained in the surf.

This was the best photo I could find of the hotel, sorry the Waffle House is in the way :-)

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