Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Yesterday we had little periods of stormy weather. This morning it's still cloudy but I'm hoping the sun will come out later. I wandered around between rains yesterday to see how things were growing in the yard and nothing is dead yet so that's a good sign. I will have to go out later and do the fungicide and insecticide on my roses or they very well could die. I've saved them once already this year, so they are as yet only in stable condition. (pretty much the same as their grower). It's very difficult to have my little flowers and bushes out here since I'm surrounded by corn and cotton fields. Some of the nasty stuff they use doesn't sit well with plants that have no commercial value (as in food and clothing). So I keep up the fight in order to have a bloom or two, trees and a few bushes just for my pleasure.

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