Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day in the life of even the toughest southern belle. I never got around to getting dressed, I worried with baby food jars, bottles, and diapers. And I kept tabs on and refereed a 6, 4, and 3 yr old. At one point I let the older ones go outside and play with orders to the oldest (Zach) to not get wet! (he does love to play in the water). He kept to the game plan pretty much except for the fact that instead of getting himself wet, he decided that it would be sooo much fun to turn the water hose on his little sisters as they were playing in the little tent. Upon hearing screams I dashed my old ass out to aid in their escape from their watery entombment (yep, he'd zipped em up in there). My daughter birthed these children but can not remember to think far enough ahead for occasions such as these (she brought no extra clothing), so soon I had a line of little ones sitting in chairs out on the deck until they were dry enough to come back indoors.

My day ended with a call from my son who'd picked the southern chickie earlier. He gave me the blessed tidings that the sweet dahlin had waited until he got her home (just 40 mins before mommy was due in from work) to do her diaper up good and proper. With a chuckle, I said, "Good girl" and hung up the phone.

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