Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Alexis (the little southern chickie) has been chewing and drooling on everything over the past few weeks. Yesterday she finally presented us with the PRIZES, two sweet little teeth on the bottom itchy gums! Now before you say, "Geez, this broad needs to get a life", I want you to think about how it would be not to have teeth. There's no doubt about it, Liquid Diets suck! Think of how it would be if you couldn't eat an M&M, or a pork chop, or god forbid, a SKITTLE! Your smile would be empty and hollow. Your face would look all droopy without teeth to support your jaw muscles.

So ya'll be kind and celebrate this great event with me. I'll be going soon to buy her first bag of pork skins so we can happily munch together!

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