Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I don't care?

Mack Ray, writer and diversified farmer in Arkansas, authors "Talegate Time" for Midsouth Farmer Magazine. I have come to look forward to reading his simplified opinions which can and do cover a variety of topics.

This month his article was entitled "Excuse Me for Not Caring" where he's covered many of the items that I've encountered in some of my favorite blogs over the past few weeks.

Mack's take on:

EUROPEANS "I don't care what Europeans think about Americans. We want their business but we really don't much care about what they really think of us. If we did care, we'd probably still be a British colony. They think we are arrogant, crass, materialistic, and obsessed with money. They are pretty much right. We think they are arrogant, lazy, fractious, and disorganized. We are pretty much right. Europeans think 500 miles is a long way, while we think 500 years is a long time."

DIXIE CHICKS "I don't care what the Dixie Chicks think about George Bush and furthermore, I don't care what George Bush thinks about the Dixie Chicks. Even if you like their music, you probably don't look to them for political advice."

HOLLYWOOD CELEBS "I don't care what any celebrities think about politics or current events. Just because you get photographed a lot doesn't mean you are wiser, or deeper, or better informed than anyone else."

REALITY TV "I don't care what happens on these shows which are not even remotely connected to reality. I want to see a show where the top executives of major corporations trade places with their lowest paid employees for a month."

I really like Mack and I appreciate the way he thinks. Do any of us really care a lot about these things? Hell, most days it's all I can do to care about having a place to live, food on the table, and a little something to smile about!!

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