Tuesday, June 10, 2003

What IS it with people? I took Zach home last night after his ballgame to stay until Wednesday afternoon with his mom. By 8:30 am this morning she was back with him telling me that I needed to take him to the doctor because his eyes were swollen. I gave him some benedryl (he has allergies and they are cutting wheat around here) and instructed her to take him home and take care of him. I also told her to pretend as though, for the next day and a half that I was dead and to do exactly what she'd do if I weren't here. At 3 she was back, Zach got a bee sting. He informed her that he thought that HE was going to die and that she'd better bring him to me so he could see me before he did. After much sobbing and trickery, I told her to just leave him. So much for a couple days of rest huh?

Next week, after I drop him off after his game, I'm going to get up early Tuesday morning and lock my house and LEAVE!!

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