Saturday, June 21, 2003

I have such fun when I find new blogs to read that make me smile. Thank you for commenting Dave. Leslie and Katrina are much better at finding these goodies than I am but I'm sure glad they share them with the rest of us.

Last evening I watched a movie after everyone else went to bed. (yes another one!). Sometimes it's fun to watch for no other reason other than it's corny enough to be hilarious.

American Pie II is a really funny, if slightly raunchy, movie about a bunch of guys who are having a final summer of fun before college and responsibilities begin. I can't even begin to describe one of the scenes which included a tuba, and the "pretend" lesbians broadcasted over the CB waves made me wipe tears. My favorite scene was about Jimbo.

After mistaking a tube of super glue for lubricant, Jim ends up in the ER with a porn tape "stuck" to one hand and his penis "stuck" in the other. The next morning his friend greeted him at breakfast with, "Jim, you are the only guy I know who's' dick should come with an instruction manual".

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