Friday, June 06, 2003

One day about a year ago, I was playing my 100th game of triva in yahoo. I had come to know a lot of the people in the triv room but none really well. The comments and remarks flew back and forth, but there was a lot of huggy, kissy hellos and goodbyes in there that made it hard to have a serious conversation with anyone. Then one day "Piz" popped in, (this is the title I gave her due to my not being able to spell her whole id), and something clicked. I came to look forward to our fast and sometimes raunchy banter and right from the start we found that we often finished sentences and thoughts for each other. It was amazing. My first impressions of her were of an older lady, but even after she told me her age (months later), I came to appreciate the wisdom that she'd managed to gain in many fewer years that most do.

One year ago, I made a friend, and I hope to be able to say many years from now that my days will still be blessed with her friendship. Smile Piz, we sure do love you.

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