Monday, June 30, 2003

Whew, it's been a tough day already. Zach had a dentist appointment at 10:45 this morning so I waited until the last minute to wake him up for breakfast and his bath. Then I had to deal with this grumpy, I don't want Captain Crunch-the bath water is too cold-why do I have to wear shoes-but we can't leave while "Courage the Cowardly Dog" is on- whining this morning from the 6-yr-old terrorist.

We finally got out of the house around 10:15 and once we made it to the appointment, they were about 45 minutes behind. Zach finally gets his turn in the chair and right off the bat the dentist hurts him, so the work that should have taken 45 minutes took an extra half hour (he really did hurt him, the shots didn't take). That trip cost me a new computer game and lunch at McDonalds (which I HATE).

On the ride home, I was aching so bad that I finally picked up the cell and made an appointment to see my doc tomorrow afternoon. I know the time has come when I have to rest after vacuuming the living room or a trip to the dentist! I have way too much to do to let this keep going on so I'm going to march in there tomorrow and tell him to either fix me up or shoot me, whichever is cheaper!!

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