Monday, June 16, 2003

Ahhh Ha,,Many, Many thank you's to Carl, (the computer guru that Leslie lets sleep on her side of the bed). I'm going to learn something yet if I don't watch out.

I bought a new gadget today, and early birthday present for me, ME, MEEE!! I had permission from "the man" to go ahead and get it since he doesn't know which end of most of these gadgets has the viewfinder or power button! Anyway, this evening I will be installing the editing software on my computer for the new SONY Digital Handycam. It has 700X Digital Zoom, and 20X optical. Takes stills, has a remote. My fingers are itching to dive into the manual so I'll know how to turn the damn thing on and find out what all of the aforementioned means! Ya'll wish me luck!

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