Monday, September 01, 2003

Wanna hear it? Here it goes,,,,,,,,,,,

I've figured out the ultimate in a woman's needs,,,Insurance that will cover all aspects of PMS.

Crash the car? PMS defense, automatically covered, no matter that you ran over that poor bastard.

Kicked a hole in the door cause it squeaked again? Caused by PMS, covered due to that stress clause in small print at the bottom of the second page.

Shot the neighbor? No problem, covered under the self-defense clause, that asshole stepped on the flowers that you slaved over last spring.

Tied the kids to the tree out back? Still covered under PMS insurance under the strange and unusual punishments clause.

Blew up the toilet with a strategically placed bomb? Covered!! Pee spatters are considered a secondary condition which constitutes rigid treatment.

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