Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Last night, my son and Jerri came by again for supper. While we were cleaning up afterwards the discussion turned to my son's new promotion and the horse he'll be riding when he goes to work in the field.

He was telling us that the field captain said his horse is really big, but has a few years on him. He also told him that occasionally this horse will fall asleep on the job and that if he feels the horse swaying, he'd best goose him to wake him up, cause if he decides to lay down, it's a long trip to the ground.

I'm in the kitchen listening to this, and an image of my son on this horse pops into my head, so I said,

"Son, what happens if a prisoner tries to escape and your horse is asleep? Do you have to wake him up to go chase the prisoner?"

I'm anxious to see how long he'll play cowboy on a sleeping horse (grin).

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