Friday, September 19, 2003


After I messed around with my blog a bit this morning, I went to the couch for a nap. That lasted a whole 15 minutes then the phone rang. So I decided I was hungry and fixed a little breakfast snack, cold spam sandwich with doritos (very nutritious).

I came back in here and once again looked at the pile of "to dos" on my desk and decided that first I'd better call to see if Mr. Manager, at the local Wal mart store had gotten my fax yesterday. So to the living room to get the phone, back in here, look down and I've got the friggin remote. Back to the living room with remote in hand to get the phone,,back to my desk for the number. I dial, after a dozen rings in customer service, they answer, phone goes dead. &$&#$^%&*&&@^A!! (that's my brain waves cursing).

Is today Friday?

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