Thursday, September 25, 2003

A Day In The Life

I got through another one and it wasn't so bad.

I finally got my old butt moving and made it to work before 9 and worked for a few hours until came up against another one of those brick walls. After I left the office I drove over to Helena to sign some forms to be faxed to the doctor that I saw on Tuesday, then I stopped at the grocery and picked up a few things.

I made it home around 12:30 and spent the next 2 hours on the phone with the IRS coniving and bargaining over Willie's (one of the farm tractor drivers) tax debt. I finally made progress when after the agent asked me why this man shouldn't be held responsible for the way his tax returns were filed, I told her the man can barely read or write and whichever whore he was living with at any given time took care of filing his returns for him and that was the WHOLE problem! I then calmly told her that it would be to her advantage AND his if she'd see about deferring some of the penalties and release the lien against his pay check so that he could afford to buy gas to drive to work.

I think this must have gotten her attention somewhat because he now will be allowed to make a monthly payment of about 1/10 of what they were taking with the lien and hubby will keep a good tractor driver. ( I doubt he'll get the debt paid off before he dies of old age though.)

Then, on my way to pick the terrorist up from school, I was on the cell phone with Altell about my son's cell package which is part of our fleet account. They've had it screwed up since last March and I'm hoping they have that straight THIS time.

I am very proud to say that I didn't lose my cool completely during the above mentioned telephone encounters, which is a rare thing for me since I tend to get very frustrated, then very upset, when I have to keep repeating myself over and over about something.

Patience is not one of my virtues. (and Kat, don't ask what one of my virtues MIGHT be!)

I think I'll go read a little in a bit and see how much sleep I can get tonight. I woke up this morning with an itchy hand that is still driving me bonkers!

Hugs and kisses all around. Nite!

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