Wednesday, September 17, 2003

My heart has finally stopped beating like a bass drum although it took a tranxene and a cup of coffee to get it slowed down a bit.

We called Zach in to supper, I heard the back door open, then I heard the back door close. I finished what I was doing and looked around. No Zach. So I go out on the deck and yell for him. No Zach. I go in and James has finished his shower so I send him out to look for him while I finish laying the table. No Zach. We both went out, walked and searched and yelled until I was to the point of PANIC. Finally the neighbors come out and their daughter is no where in sight either, so we're looking for TWO wayward youngsters.

Then someone thinks to check at their son's house next door to them. There they were, sweeping and moping and helping the son's girlfriend do her cleaning. I didn't know whether to hug him or choke him so I just cried.

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