Thursday, September 18, 2003

My day started out ok, then went downhill from there.

First of all, I got so upset with the owner of the business, where I work on Thursdays, that I wanted to throttle the man. His warehouse and office burned in May, and the ding-a-ling left his data backups in the server, so records, reports, AND backups went up in smoke. I'm left with nothing but the check stubs from the May 21st payroll to use to reconstruct January through mid-May payroll information.

I called the IRS, and other agencies to get copies of reports that I'd done for previous quarters. This would have helped tremendously in the reconstruction. I always complete the reports before their due dates and put them on his desk with a printed check for him to sign, then give to the secretary to mail. I found out today that he had not mailed those damn reports because of cash flow problems, so at this point, I may just have to pull quarterly figures from thin air.

I told him today that I'm one of the best problem solvers around, but I'm not a goddamn magician!

THEN, while still in a snit about all those problems, I decide to stop and buy a few groceries on the way home, and you guessed it,,,like the damn fool that I am,,I decided to stop at Wal mart because their veggies always look pretty good.

I raced through tossing things I needed into the basket, ran into a friend and talked with her for a few minutes, then went to the checkout. There were actually enough checkers for once so I breathed a sigh of contentment at that, paid for my purchases, loaded them in the truck and drove home.

I made two trips from truck to house unloading the stuff and started putting it away, then I noticed that the meat I had bought was not there. I went back out to the truck, looked, no meat. So, back in the house, looked to see if I'd been in a zone and put it away without noticing, no meat.

I called the store, spoke with the manager and told him the problem and he appeared to be listening, then when I finished he asked me, "What is the problem"? At this point I lost it.
I told that little fart of a manager that if he couldn't find someone to bring MY MEAT to me, cause I wasn't about to drive 30 miles round trip to come pick it up due to the fact that they had IDIOTS checking, that I'd be faxing him my receipt (cause I wasn't coming back to his fucking store again either), he could credit my debit card, and the next time I am in town, I'd go to KROGER to spend my damn money. Mr. Manager said that they did not have a delivery service, which was not a good thing to say, so I said FINE and hung up the phone.

I faxed the receipt, my complaint, and a paragraph that informed him that I was going to send a copy of the note to the newspaper.


And now my stomach hurts.

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