Sunday, September 14, 2003

A New Day?

I've got to get out of this "Idon'tgiveashitjustshootme" mood. For the past few months it's been creeping up on me, some days not so bad, some days I'm horrible!! Hubby made the remark yesterday that I hadn't left the house all day, that I needed to get outdoors and do something. My reply was not nice, my thoughts were, "WHAT"???

It has been too hot to do much outdoors without having a heat stroke. I love to lie in the sun, but my preferences there run towards sand and a nice ocean breeze.

Once upon a time I enjoyed a fishing trip, but he makes me so miserable with his rules and regulations if I go with him that I decided a long time ago that the fewer trips with him, the better. I like fishing with a cane pole, and don't much care if I catch anything or not as long as it's quiet and the sun is shining. His idea of fishing is an expensive pole and reel and to keep moving around till he hits the right spot. He gives me so many instructions that I forget the first one before he's gotten to the last one. Also, he hogs all the best fishing spots.

I'll stop whining now.

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