Monday, September 29, 2003

Something Good,,,Something Sad.

It has been a really strange day.

Around 11 my phone rang and it was Soony, my dutch child, calling me from Holland.
She just wanted to talk and we did for a good, long while. I had been thinking of her for the past few weeks and had sent an email this morning to ask if all was ok with her and her family. I supposed our thoughts of each other finally met and she called to say she still loved me.

After we said our goodbyes, I called James on his cell to tell him that she'd called and he told me that he'd been trying to call me to tell me that another friend had died this morning. Vicki was a year or two younger than me and her husband also works for the same farming corporation as an asst. manager.

He said it was really odd, she went to work, walked into the office and passed out. They called an ambulance and when they arrived she was dead. The cause of death is not known yet but it's really eerie because she hasn't even been ill.


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