Thursday, September 11, 2003

Children amaze me at their ability to seem to do things overnight, especially in the first year of their lives. Alexis is in that first year and every day it seems that she's learned to do something new.

Last night we were in the living room and the outside door was open to where you could see out the storm door. That Chickie hasn't gotten the hang of hands and knees crawling yet, but she can move pretty fast using a combination of elbows, hands, one knee, and those little fat toes. We heard a racket at the door and she had made it over there and was making faces at the dog through the door glass. This reminded Jerri to tell us about her evening snack the night before.

Jerri sat her in the kitchen floor with toys while she was cooking supper and a few minutes later she heard the cat make a sort of "oh shit" noise. When she turned around, there was the Chickie, holding Mamma Kitty down with one hand while she used the other to stuff her mouth full of cat food.

Nanny thinks it may be time to put the gates up and hope they have a few months peace before she learns to climb over.

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