Thursday, September 04, 2003

Barton High School State Championship game, Dec. 1997 (the white X is my son)

High School Football season is ready to begin so I reckon we'll be going out tomorrow night to support our school's team. We'll go to as many of the games as we can because it pretty much got to be a habit when our kids were all at home and playing sports. The photo above was my son's last game (which they won by the way) and the end of many frantic Friday nights of football.

This little rural public school has done some amazing things in the past.

All-Time Most State Championships

Ranked 3rd with 8 from 1978-1998

Consective State Championships

Ranked 2nd with 4 from 1986-1989

UNDEFEATED Consecutive Games

State Record holder with 63 from 1985-1990

State Record for Consecutive Regular Season Wins

111 from 1985-1997

State Record for Consecutive Conference Wins
75 from 1984-1997

Coach, Frank McClellan who has been the head football coach at Baron since 1970 is currently a finalist for the National Inaugural Power of Influence Award for 2003.

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