Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Whew, my day is almost done. That chickie and I really did play a lot today and this Nanny is bushed.

I had one little episode that made me feel like a total idiot today (and mind you that's hard to do when your only company is 6 months old!) Around 10 Alexis was getting sleepy so I changed her and we climbed into PopPop's recliner/rocker to sing her to sleep. She laid there and sang with me for a long time and then she started getting restless. I knew she wasn't hungry and knew she was sleepy so I figured maybe her diaper was wet again and slid my hand down the back of her diaper to check it. Well, she wasn't wet, but I went in knuckle deep into something worse! The kid and I were like acrobats in the bathroom with me trying to hold on to her whilst I navigated soap and water to try to clean my icky hand so that I could put her down to change her little package. That was about the shittiest part of my day.

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