Sunday, August 31, 2003

I tried to post last night but blogger, or IE, or some unknown forces kept me from doing my deed. Being the lazy human that I am, I gave up after the second try.

I had a good day yesterday. We had a girls afternoon (except for Zach, but he didn't mind) at Jerri's. My sister was there with her daughter, my oldest daughter and her two girls, and of course little Miss Chickie. We spent the afternoon beneath the pecan trees in the yard and did absolutely nothing but talk, and laugh, and look through new scrapbooking supplies.

A lazy afternoon was had by all!

4 of my grandchildren and my Neice

My sister, Paula, and the dozing Chickie

My dauther, Trisha, with Jaylen

My Niece Megan

Jerri, Chickie's mommy

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