Sunday, August 24, 2003

Sadly, I missed posting here yesterday. I came, I read blogs, I smiled, I laughed, I got squishy boob hug words, and then just as I was going to actually put words down, the interruptions would happen. When I first sat down here this morning I had to stop and think, "What was yesterday", then after I got past that, it was, "What did I do yesterday". Now it's sorta kinda coming back to me.

My son came with the tractor pretty early to mow the fodder out back so that all would be happy for the dove hunt the first weekend in September. (The shooting part must make the menfolk happy cause to me it sounds like a freakin WAR goin on and the doves are the winners.)

Then, since he forgot to pick up the brakes for hubby's truck, I had to drive into town and go to the parts store as well as buy a few more groceries that I'd forgotten on my previous trip to buy groceries, and then I stopped to fill up with gas on my way home. (Gas is up again here).

The afternoon rocked on until the next thing I knew, it was time to cook supper. Then just as I was going to lie down for a short nap, my son called and said they were bringing movies.

I guess my point is, yesterday flashed by without many accomplishments and now it's Sunday and that means tomorrow is Monday again!

Oh, but I did scan some photos of the grandbabies that ya'll can go take a look at if you want. Jerri took some lovely ones of the Chickie yesterday and I put a couple of those in.

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