Wednesday, August 27, 2003

What is it about me? I've been trying to get a nap in every day this week (I think the one I had on Sunday has ruined me) but who can sleep with folks tripping in and out of here all during the day? I had thoughts of taking a nap yesterday when I finally got the chickie down to sleep, but nooooooo,,,that damn phone rang 3 times and those thoughts were soon dashed. This morning I had to run errands and I drove like a bat outta hell to get home to catch a nap on the couch and 10 minutes after I get here, here comes Jami and the 3 girls. They just left and now I'm outta the mood!!

I'll be really wired by tonight since I was awake at 4 this morning.

The police in Memphis are really fiddle-farting around with the investigation of the missing and murdered child. They still haven't released information that the body was that of the missing girl even though the news said this morning that they'd brought in a suspect for questioning.

I'm not sure how murders get solved here in Phillips County. I reckon they arrest the man with the smoking gun after they've stumbled over the body. I do know a call to the sheriff's dept down here results in a long wait due to all the guys waiting around so as not to have to be the first on the scene.

I found out that the helicopter that was circling my late sunflowers the other day was lucky enough to find some of the real stuff just a few miles west of here. The paper said they confiscated about 1000 plants.

I wonder if those plants would grow in amongst my sunflowers?

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