Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I really love reading my daily network of blogs since they are a damn sure better than anything read in a newspaper these days and more entertaining than most television shows. I also enjoy writing in my blog as often as I can as well as finding and sharing things that make me laugh. But folks, I'm no Earnest Hemingway. In order to write what's on my mind, very little of the proper construction of the English lauguage is going to be found here.

I am not a writer. My meanderings come directly from my thought processes even though those processes are often screwed in backwards. I believe I get the meaning across even if my participles dangle in the wrong direction at times and my possessives get possessed. My pluperfect tenses might be assbackwards and my clauses lost causes but what you see is what you get except for when it gets away from me and then you'll help me find it, right?

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