Thursday, August 21, 2003

Daddammit!! I am much too lazy to write stuff over again,,,and blogger seems determined to make me do just that!!

After the 28 straight hours with the Chickie, my EVERYTHING felt pretty much like it should be belonging to someone else this morning, but it being Thursday and all, I had to drag my old ass outta that bed and get myself dressed for work and the terrorist dressed for school.

It was hot again today, so I felt all sweaty and bitchy by the time I walked into the office. After I finished up as much as I felt up to doing there, I bought groceries, picked the kid up from school, and then cooked dinner. After dinner I laid down on the bed to rest a bit.

This lasted perhaps 10 minutes then the Zach came running in from outdoors chattering about the little "wolf" that was coming out of the field toward the yard. I hit the floor running with James just ahead of me. Our first thought was, wild animals will not come near humans or dogs (princess and the neighbor's St Bernard were out there with the kids). The sickly animal was not a wolf but an adult coyote and it was coming into right to the yard. James yelled at me to take the kids indoors and he ran to his truck to get his gun. The kids were upset that the animal had to be shot, but we feel sure it was rabid.

I do believe I've had enough excitement for the week.

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