Friday, August 15, 2003

School starts Monday here (little happy dance!) and that's a good thing. The stress level will be down for a few hours a day during the week and at the max after school when we have to do the homework thing again.

Zach has the idea that since he's graduated from kindergarten he's now eligible for high school. I'm not about to break his bubble but I sure hope he isn't too pissed at me when he finds out the truth.

Last evening Jami and I went to the open house at the school and met Zach's teacher and picked up the list of supplies he'll be needing as a first grader. It doesn't matter that last week I gathered up just about every supply that you'd think a first grader would need, there are still items on that list that I didn't think of and must go and purchase before Monday.

His teacher is a young lady that I've known since she was a toddler (does this make me old??) and she's a sweet thing so hopefully Zach won't terrorize her too badly. He is excited about returning to school so maybe he'll make it through the first two weeks this year without the dreaded paddlings.

Yesterday, it wasn't enough that I still felt like shit, I had a call from a client who'd filed an extension on their tax return who now wanted to file their return. Since the return has to be mailed today, you can imagine what I was doing for most of yesterday and last night. I hope he doesn't complain when I present him with the bill for my efforts. His wife owns the tax business that I work for so hopefully she will prepare him beforehand.

Today I must get some housework done. Himself mentioned last night that he sure hoped that I'd DO something today. I mentioned right back that I just might, but if he was really that concerned about it, he could consider doing it himself or finding someone else to do it for him.
That remark didn't go over too well but if he did the ranting and raving thing I missed it since I had to leave for the open house (grin).

Ya'll have a nice day now, ya hear?

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