Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I found this on Leslie's page, and she found it on another favorite blog so I thought I'd try it.

1) Last dream: I never dream unless I'm sick and then it's a nightmare

2) Last car ride: To southland to pick up two bushels of peas yesterday (tues)afternoon.

3) Last kiss: Peck goodbye to hubby this morning

4) Last good cry: This morning

5) Last Missing Library Book: None.

6) Last movie seen: Phone Booth

7) Last Book Read: Still reading "The Apprentice" by Tess Gerritsen

8) Last curse word uttered: SHIT, SHIT,,SHIT this morning when I stumbed my toe one the coffee table for about the millionth time.

9) Last beverage drank: Coffee

10) Last food consumed: banana nut bread at 10 pm last night

11) Last crush: My biology teacher in the 9th grade

12) Last phone call made: Martins about the peas. Last one received: I don't know,,but when I find out I'm gonna say something stronger than shit!! (woke me this morning!)

13) Last TV show watched: Cold Case Files on

14) Last Item Bought: 2 bushels of shelled peas

15) Last time showered: Yesterday morning, a longgggggggggg lingering one

16) Last shoes worn: My earth sandals

17) Last CD played: Gary Allan, Smoke Rings

18) Last MP3 Downloaded: Never done it.

19) Last annoyance: That damned worm thingy I had to remove from my puter yesterday.

20) Last disappointment: Noone baked me a birthday cake dang it

21) Last soda drank: Diet Dr. Pepper

22) Last thing written: A comment in Leslie's blog

23) Last key used: my truck

24) Last phrase spoken: Bye

25) Last trip to the bathroom: 10 mins ago

26) Last sleep: off and on from 11 pm to 7:30

27) Last IM: Katrina on Sunday

28) Last sexual fantasy: Yesterday?

29) Last orgasm: Yesterday.

30) Last weird encounter: Meeting an old school mate a few years ago who I hadn't seen since age 13. She was a customer and we thought we recognized each other but didn't say anything for a few weeks.

31) Last Store Shopped at: Wal mart in Forrest City, AR (they don't irritate me as bad as the one West Helena)

32) Last ice cream eaten: Schwans Vanilla, chocolate swirl last month

33) Last time amused: This morning when Abie (age 2) came over (I had to take a break from typing this for a couple of hours). I am wearing a white cotton nightie and she was strolling by me in the kitchen, picked up the hem of my nightie, looked under and said, "Nanny, ju need to put some clothes on."

34) Last time wanting to die: When I had strep throat when my two youngest children were 2 & 3.

35) Last time in love: longgggggggg time ago

36) Last time hugged: This morning

37) Last time scolded: Yesterday

38) Last time resentful: This morning when the phone woke me up after a night of off and on sleep

39) Last chair sat in: My desk chair

40) Last lipstick used: Avon, pinkish something

41) Last underwear worn: panties yesterday morning (Victorias secret, second skin satin).

42) Last bra worn: Yesterday, A.M., (Victoria's Secret, second skin satin)

43) Last shirt worn: One of my Handicap Kids tees

44) Last class attended: 2 yrs ago, a Web Page designing class

45) Last Final taken: Same as above 2 yrs

46) Last time dancing: During my Biloxi trip the last week in July

47) Last poster looked at: I have two Georgie O'Keefe posters and one Monet poster in my home office

48) Last show attended: So long I can't remember

49) Last webpage visited:

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