Tuesday, August 05, 2003

My poll to gain and idea about how often women think about sex is not gaining in big numbers. There have only been 28 participants and at least one of those claims to be dead, so that sure doesn't help the statistics much.

The results so far,,,,,,

What is your age?

18-25 (53%)

26-35 (21%)

36-40 (10%)

41-50 (10%)

51 or above (3%)

How often do you think of sex?

Every few hours (50%)

Every few minutes (28%)

Every few days (10%)

Once a month (7%)

I'm dead (3%)
Is sex important to you?

Yes, sometimes (50%)

Yes, can't live without it (42%)

Not really (8%)

Never (0%)

I'm gathering, from the percentage so far, that most women do not think of sex as often as most men claim to.

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